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“MarkTheJob.com enables managers and employers to conduct and create rational and effective employee performance reviews expediently using tangible and quantifiable performance measures while also delivering a definitive course for employee performance improvement and growth.”

Sydney, Australia, March 4, 2016, The methodology used in conducting employee performance reviews is extremely varied. This applies across industries and even within an organization or a department. Such variance usually result in subjective and arbitrary assessments of employees and can lead to numerous complications within an organization ranging from damaged relations between managers and staff, and poor employee development and growth to substandard performance benchmarking and eventually, even business failure.

All that is changed with the launch of MarkTheJob.com’s unique Employee Performance Review platform. This well thought-out platform sets a new standard to a historically problematic and cumbersome process – and is ideal for both small and medium businesses to larger organizations with many hundreds of employees. MarkTheJob.com offers managers a set of clear, logical and objective scales for which they can quickly and convincingly rate their employee’s performance, giving the reviewer an unmatched opportunity to approach and perform the employee review in a clinical manner. The results are very impressive.

MarkTheJob.com is an online tool that is completely free and easy to use helping businesses and managers overcome the challenges typically associated with performance reviews and improves the process and results for the benefit of the business, employee and manager. The process is quick, painless and takes place in only three steps. First, the basic details with respect to the business, manager and employee are entered. Next is the actual review – where the reviewer simply needs to select the response that best describes the employee or skip questions that may not apply. The option to add further comments if needed, is also available.

When the review is completed, the report is immediately sent to the reviewer’s email in a .pdf format. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The possibility of conducting a self-assessment is also possible. The final report, once received, provides managers and employees with a comprehensive, objective and logical assessment of the employee’s performance, a clear development pathway for employees. Finally, MarkTheJob.com comes along and helps managers overcome the anxieties and inefficiencies that come with conducting employee performance reviews.

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