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“My Wings” has created a unique shirt with built-in wings to give children the feeling of freedom to soar in life. They have been designed to stimulate fantasies in a child’s mind and a sense of empowerment.

Sacramento, California, March 14, 2016, “My Wings”, a Swedish based start-up with roots in California, recently announced the launch of their innovative “Giving Wings” Children’s Charity program. Their totally new approach at helping improve and foster healing in children with special needs and/or going through traumatic experiences is nothing short of a new paradigm in children’s health care. Sometimes all it takes to change lives for the better is an innovative approach, and Lee Giove, Founder of “My Wings”, clearly is helping to give these children a sense of hope. So much so that the legendary Shriners Hospital for Children®-Northern California and “Pay It Forward Sweden” have joined forces to bolster this charity program and give their patients these specially designed wing shirts to uplift and assist in their healing recovery.

The “My Wings” concept shows that simplicity can have a powerful result. Their colorful series of “winged shirts” are designed for 2 to 8 year olds, and are hand crafted in fairtrade factories using 100% organic cotton. The shirts feature beautifully designed wings from dragons, butterflies, fairies and other fantasy based themes. So well thought-out is this children’s charity program that each shirt includes a “My Wings” card and booklet which presents guided activities so adults and children can interact together. Adult and Child Bonding is enhanced through the use of these creative materials. Science has proven that healing is not only accomplished through medicines and treatments, but also by fostering hope and happiness. The degree of happiness on the kid’s faces as they frolic around in their winged shirts says it all.

During a recent interview, Lee Giove made these comments: “The link between play, imagination and psychological well-being is well established. The ‘Giving Wings’ program recognizes this, offering you the chance to directly help the children who need it most through one simple but beautiful, life-changing gesture.” He goes on to say, “In the cases of the children the “Giving Wings” program has been created to help, we see them as having had their “wings clipped” – through illness, social circumstances or many other reasons. However, a child’s imagination is a powerful thing. It inclines towards curiosity and fantasy and can create joy from the simplest of activities. These shirts and their wing design make a child’s imagination soar, taking them to a space of freedom and empowerment while supporting their recovery.”

Lee Giove has been self-funding this entire children’s charity startup, and has invested thousands of dollars up to this point. Lee has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help fund his “Giving Wings” children’s charity so that it can be shared all around the globe. The campaign is live now and runs through April 14, 2016. Imagine being part of this simple but revolutionary concept that stimulates a child’s thoughts of fantasy and the opportunity for them to envision soaring above all their problems and truly feeling a sense of empowerment and joy. Sponsors have a choice of fantastic perks on Indiegogo.

To support the “Giving Wings” children’s charity please visit: www.my-wings.com/campaign

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