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AgeMatch.com, one of the original websites for age gap dating, has just enhanced the connectivity between older women looking to date younger men and older men wishing to date younger women.

Ontario, Canada, March 16, 2016, AgeMatch, which is considered as the #1 age gap dating site dedicated to helping develop relationships between older women dating younger men, and older men dating younger women, has recently updated its popular mobile App with version 4.58. This unique App, suitable for use with iPhones and iPads, enables the members of Age Match looking to date or establish relationships with younger partners to find potential matches through their Smartphones or portable devices while “on the go”.

Several exciting new features have been added in Version 4.58. These include: a Live Chat feature which allows users to chat freely with all other members whenever they are available, a Let’s Meet feature which facilitates and encourages meetings between different members, a new message notification feature which means that member can easily see messages from others and are unlikely to miss any communications from members ever again, the method by which photographs are uploaded, in fact, members will find that presenting themselves will be much easier, the ease by which a member can be more expressive and interact with others as much as they want, and finally, an adjustable sidebar design.

AgeMatch has upgraded this App as part of its regular, on-going efforts to maintain its position as the one of best, most popular, age gap dating sites in the world. This exciting new upgrade to the App is available in both English and German, and can be downloaded via iTunes for devices with iOS 7.0 or later versions such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

With this advancement, AgeMatch has been able, once again, to provide innovative ways to facilitate participants in age-gap dating to find each other more easily and, importantly, maintain regular contact while on the move, something that is essential in the modern world.

Easy to download and use, this new App assists both older men and younger women in finding the right age-gap partner for them. Indeed, age-gap daters of both genders can use this new App while out and about, knowing that their chances of finding the right person to date, or someone who may eventually become their life partner, have just improved dramatically! In addition, with the App it’s possible to get great pieces of advice and useful tips as to how best proceed with these types of relationships.

AgeMatch’s innovation enables both older men and women to be secure in the knowledge that younger people using the new version of the App are also looking for an “age-gap partner”. Accordingly, there is less chance of taking the time getting to know a younger person only to find that they are not, after all, looking for a serious relationship.

Having been established for over15 great years, AgeMatch.com sees this new update to its App as a continued celebration of age-gap dating, and one which will open up many new opportunities for both older women/men looking for younger men/women.

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