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Nearby’s brilliant Mobile Hostel concept is seen as a new paradigm in affordable, mobile, self-contained, easy access, secure and comfortable accommodations.

Osijek, Croatia, March 16, 2016, One of the secrets of success is to find a need and fill it. This is what the team at Nearby Hostel has done and in a brilliant way. They identified the need for mobile, hostel type of accommodations that can be transported to festivals. These types of events are well known for being outside of the city proper, where accommodations are both difficult to find and expensive, especially during major events. They also must be booked well in advance. The alternative has always been sleeping in a tent, which is unsafe, uncomfortable and lacks basic amenities.

Nearby Hostel is a specially engineered portable structure. It can easily be loaded on a truck, and moved from one festival to another, and be fully operational in 30 minutes after arrival at its destination. There is a built-in mechanism that enables it to triple in size. Special attention has been placed on making the most out of the available space and getting the maximum comfort. If needed, it can run independently as well because it has its own engine room with silent power generator, air-conditioning system, and water and waste-water tanks.

Every Nearby Hostel has 9 rooms with 26 beds, toilets and smart showers that use up to 70% less water. Each room is well insulated and equipped with super-comfortable beds, TV, Wi-Fi, Lockers, AC sockets and a fridge. Guests can simply unlock the doors with a Smartphone, no keys are required. It gets even better: The new Nearby App makes it a simple task to get back to the Nearby Hostel site. Coffee first thing in the morning? Drinks and snacks too? Of course, relax and enjoy this revolutionary hostel experience.

Nearby Hostel has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their first round of funding. They will be able to move from engineered drawings to an actual prototype. Their cutting edge concept has been warmly embraced by festival and event promoters from around the globe. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of something that changes how people think about accommodations. Imagine being a sponsor of the launch of Nearby Hostel as they grow to become a worldwide phenomena. They are offering outstanding perks for all sponsors on their Indiegogo page.

Everyone is invited to stop by and have a look: Nearby Hostel Indiegogo Campaign

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