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The “Mark The Job” platform enables managers and employers from varied industries to conduct efficient and effective employee performance reviews. The degree of flexibility in grading selected areas of performance enables management to deliver a definitive course for employee performance improvement and growth.

Sydney, Australia, March 23, 2016, A supervisors’ most beloved task is not usually conducting an employee performance evaluation. That said, it certainly is an accepted fact that employee performance, or poor performance, can greatly impact the bottom line of an organization. By letting poor performance slide, and not taking steps to correct under-performing employees, positions a firm at risk of courting failure. An appraisal of employee performance, when performed effectively, becomes a tool to identify and alleviate potential barriers and can inspire an employee to reach for higher gains in their performance.

Mark The Job” has been growing in popularity among managers and employers across a varied field of industries, and in businesses of all sizes. The team at “Mark The Job” has created a foolproof methodology for producing consistent high quality performance reviews in a short amount of time. This was no easy task given the amount of variables involved in the types of questions and the selection of answers. This is why it is also possible to input one’s own comments in each section of the review template in order to render the appropriate evaluation.

“Mark The Job” is completely free and easy to use. The entire process is expedient, hassle-free, and can be completed in only 3 steps. The simplicity of the process should not be confused with its high degree of effectiveness. After the basic details with respect to the business, manager and employee are entered, the actual review begins – the reviewer simply needs to select the response that best describes the employee or skip questions that may not apply. As mentioned earlier, comments can be added as needed. Upon completion, the report is immediately sent to the reviewer’s email in a .pdf format.

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