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San Jose, California, March 24, 2016. Dr. Nik Tehrani, Vice-President of DynoSense Corp., has been appointed as a voting Board Member of the Northern California Chapter of HIMSS and Chair of the Education Committee. As a Board Member, Dr. Tehrani will be responsible for the supervision, and direction of the affairs of the Chapter. Dr. Tehrani will actively promote the mission of the organization, which is to foster professional growth, relationships, knowledge and collaboration among healthcare information management professionals in the Northern California Region. As a chair of the Education Committee, Dr. Tehrani will strategize and develop educational programs, seminars, and awards/scholarship programs funded by NorCal HIMSS.

During a recent interview, Dr. Tehrani made these comments, “I am extremely pleased and proud to have been selected by such a distinguished organization dedicated to the health information industry, and is, in fact, the largest healthcare information systems professional organization in the nation.”

About NorCal HIMSS

NorCal HIMSS is one of more than 50 affiliated chapters of HIMSS, the largest health care information systems professional organization in the nation. It brings healthcare professionals together to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among colleagues, and to assist members in their professional growth. It accomplishes this objective by presenting educational seminars/conferences, networking opportunities, and a forum for the exchange of ideas among those committed to the goal of improving patient care through the effective use of information technology. Chapter members come from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are involved in some aspect of healthcare information systems and management. Its members consist of professionals from hospitals and clinic organizations, third-party payers, administrators, information technology systems vendors, consultants, management engineers, telecommunications professionals, physicians, nurses and medical informatics professionals, and, essentially, anyone interested in the trends of healthcare information and management systems.

About DynoSense Corp.

Founded in 2013, DynoSense Corp. is a digital health innovator based in San Jose, CA. The company’s vision is to be the dominant force behind the digital healthcare revolution. Its mission is: “To empower and inspire individuals to take control of their health in collaboration with physicians and care-providers.”

For more information on DynoSense and its products, please visit: www.dynosense.com

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