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In a world where everyone seems to be “plugged in” it only makes sense to share their experience with another person that wants to go to the same exact place. Social Media and The Worlds Map now have made it even easier for people to tap into the positive experiences others have posted.

Eastbourne, United Kingdom, March 30, 2016, The Worlds Map.com made headlines today with the announcement that they will be releasing a socially driven world map online that will transform the way people travel. Although hundreds of world maps exist, this latest creation of The Worlds Map.com is not only unique, but also somewhat of a social experiment. If someone wants to travel to Eastbourne, just go to Eastbourne on The Worlds Map and see what others have experienced.

This new version of The Worlds Map is interactive and extremely user friendly, seamlessly allowing users to either gain knowledge or share knowledge about a specific place anywhere in the world. During a recent interview, the spokesperson for The Worlds Map.com was quoted as saying, “When I started this project I never thought it would take off like this! What started as a revised version of the World Map became a fully interactive user experience that brings the World Map into modern times!”

What sets this world map apart from others is one key concept: Interactive User Experiences. The users can add in travel tips, ideas, attraction tips or even local knowledge. The Worlds Map.com is shaping up to be a website that will be receiving massive amounts of online traffic and the sound of that has potential sponsors abuzz. The Worlds Map.com plans on monetizing The Worlds Map by allowing a select number of sponsors to advertise on the website for as low as $100.

The release of this new World Map by The World Map.com is taking the industry by storm and will make the world map relevant again in a society that is socially “plugged-In”. To learn more about the new Worlds Map or the sponsorship options that are available, visit their official website by clicking here or by following this link: http://www.theworldsmap.com.

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