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If Jesus lived in modern day United States and was a Registered voter what would he lean towards, based on Biblical principles. What would Jesus Vote is a book that spotlights voting issues and highlights facts on what each party supports and if they align with Biblical principles.

Boston, Massachusetts, April 4, 2016, Fans of Mariah Cajuste will not be disappointed with the long anticipated release of her new book, “What Would Jesus Vote”. Her new release is appropriately timed right in the middle of the intense presidential campaign. Many people are torn between their religious and political beliefs. It’s about time somebody introduced a view into what Jesus might feel about contemporary politics based on his religious beliefs. Does politics have the ability to match with Biblical principles?

Author Mariah Cajuste brilliantly takes on this concept in “What Would Jesus Vote”. The book is about social justice, and what is right for America. This is without a doubt one of the most intense political climates seen in years. The question always boils down to – Who To Vote For – and Why? Christian voters would like to stay true to their religious doctrines, but it is a difficult task to gather all of the information concerning the varied political platforms this season. This book brings many hot topic issues to the table where it is first introduced by a Christian element and then compared and contrasted by both major political parties’ factual events in the recent past.

Mariah Cajuste has her MBA in International Business and Entrepreneurship from NOVA Southeast University in Lauderdale, FL. She relocated to Boston, Ma in 2007 to further her career in Corporate training. Mariah prides herself in standing up for social justice and bettering her community. During a recent interview, Mariah made these comments: “I work, live, and interact with people each day whose religious and political views differ from my own, and never do I take the opinions or beliefs of others personally. In fact, I find that opposing viewpoints ignite conversation and foster the opportunity for education and growth. My passion for social justice and knowing individuals deserve to have their voice heard are two of the reasons why I penned the book, What Would Jesus Vote.”

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