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An easy to follow guide acts as a blueprint to success in the lucrative “Route Merchandising” business. Learn the secrets to building a money-making route business without having to purchase an existing route for thousands of dollars.

New York, New York, April 8, 2016, In this tough economy, people are motivated to become entrepreneurs. This can mean looking to startup either a part-time or full-time business model. Some people entertain the idea of starting a vending business, or buying an established vending route. For many of those who have tried this business idea, it soon became apparent that it was a bad idea. It is a difficult business to operate, and very time consuming. Vending Machines are costly and constantly breaking down. Spare parts and the ability to make repairs are required. People are always trying to get free goods from the machines, and vandals try to get the money held inside. The vending machine business model is all about locations, no locations = no business.

There is a better way to develop a highly lucrative income stream. Route Distribution has a symbiotic relationship directly with retail operations, such as convenience stores. Charles Gregory was interested in trying out his entrepreneurial skills while still attending the Kelley School of Business. It was the best decision he ever made. He quickly built-up his “Route Distribution” business from an $80K per year operation into a $500K business and earned his Bachelors Degree at the same time. Charles knew that his business success could be replicated by other folks in need of an additional income stream as well as those looking to forge ahead into a new business. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars, and even tens of thousands, to acquire an existing route merchandising business, it is now possible to quickly establish a new one. Even in a tough economy, financial independence is close at hand.

During a recent interview, Charles made these comments: “Try googling “buy a route”. You will find that these businesses sell for thousands upon thousands of dollars and they are very rarely even for sale. That is because these businesses are very profitable and reliable. For most people, including myself when I started, buying a route is not feasible. They are simply too expensive. Fortunately there is an alternative which is simply starting a route from scratch.” He goes on to say: “This is a one of a kind course as it is the only course that teaches regular people how to start one of the easiest, most profitable businesses out there. Individual entrepreneurs have been doing this business for years and loving the profits. Now there is a way to learn from the ground up how to start and build this business from someone that has not only done it, but is currently doing it.”

What students will learn from the course:

• Over 23 lectures and 2 hours of content
• Identify potential locations
• Researching categories
• Researching suppliers
• Contacting suppliers
• Evaluating suppliers
• How to price products
• How to find racks
• Picking a vehicle for specific needs
• Choosing a POS system
• Talking to potential customers

As a route owner you are simply buying products wholesale and selling them to retailers. As a distributor there are almost no expenses other than gas to make deliveries. Once a low initial investment is made, simply reinvest revenues to grow the business. Best of all, Customers Are Easy to Find and Keep.

For complete information, please visit: http://routestartup.com/

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