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The new BT-1 is just like a stereo mounted in the wall. The advanced technology allows the speaker output to be controlled through any smartphone or computer wirelessly. All without taking up any counter space.

West Linn, Oregon, April 9, 2016, The new InwallTech® BT1 represents the next generation of remotely controlled Bluetooth speaker output. InwallTech clearly has a winner with the BT-1 in that it incorporates the most advanced application of its kind. This new product release is tantamount to having a stereo in the wall, and not taking up any shelf or counter space. The BT-1 can easily be installed by anyone that can handle simple tools, such as a screwdriver. A smartphone, computer or iPad/Tablet device is all that is required to control multiple speaker locations, each with their own selected output.

The momentous features with InwallTech’s new Bluetooth Amplified device are rich in versatility:

• Motels can use these for individual room stereos.
• Suntan salons can quickly install independent controls so that each customer can listen to their own music.
• Churches can install these in child care rooms or secondary rooms for independent control.
• Offices can use them for customizing presentations with direct control from a Powerpoint presentation or other video medium typically used in conference rooms.
• Dentist offices can have individual room control with a client using their own phone to listen to their music without any setup or wires connected to the smartphone.
• Each child can have their own music in their rooms, less the wires to the smartphone, computer or iPad/Tablet device.
• A speaker wall plate may be installed for bookshelf out of wall type speakers on a desktop or shelf.

The company reports that they can even program the device with a customized name for the area (with a limit of 24 characters) that it will be installed in, such as: Kitchen, Dining Room, Conference Room, Exam Room 1, Joes Office. This distinguishes and separates each area, ensuring that multiple people don’t log onto the same device.

InwallTech Customer Testimonials are quite impressive. Take a look at what Duane B., had to say: “This surround sound set of speakers has great sound and clarity for a price way under more expensive “name brand” speakers. Installation in the ceiling was straight forward after a careful layout. Hope to enjoy them for many years to come. Will be buying another set soon when I get ready to tackle our loft area”.

Complete information, please visit: http://www.inwallstore.com/

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