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NEW YORK, NY. – April 17, 2016 – A food-focused application that takes the pain out of finding trusted information needed to create great dining experiences has emerged. FoodNiche (www.foodniche.me) intelligently connects users to food information shared by trusted contacts, restaurants, bloggers, nutrition experts and food brands. The application is currently available by invitation-only in its BETA version.

Foodniche.me is an integrated social media platform that offers solutions to users with a variety of food-related interests. The slick and agile platform allows users to connect with key players in the food industry, streamlining any information that interests each user individually down their feed.

Restaurant owners can connect with their customers in a unique and engaging way. They can share unlimited pictures of their menu items, post images of the chef’s special and customers can see it in real time. The platform allows users to recommend restaurants to people in their network.

Food brands can engage with existing and potential customers, obtain valuable product/service feedback. They can also can share tutorials showing users how to use their products to create delicacies. Engaging with customers via FoodNiche also provides food businesses with an opportunity to convert their fans to brand advocates.

People who desire to eat healthier or change their dining habits can find information can connect with nutrition experts/dieticians on the platform, finding useful tips and reliable information. Users can also find peer support and engaging community activities geared at helping them accomplish their nutritional goals.

“Our mission at foodniche.me is to make it absolutely convenient for people to find information needed to create enriching dining experiences regardless of their dining preferences” says Bola Olayanju, Founder at FoodNiche.

Dave Aug, who works with local restaurants in Southern Minnesota’s Rochester area (home of the famous Mayo Clinic), said he thought the service was very interesting and that he may consider recommending and helping local businesses in the area get started with the service to expand their presence and reputation for quality and expert advice locally.

“It’s a very sophisticated new idea that seems to absolutely bring everything together under one roof for the business and the consumption of food and health in the community. I am definitely going to look into it.”

The amount of information available online on food is overwhelming. Searching for specific information can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The rationale behind FoodNiche is that, for something as important as food, there should be an effective way for people to find and streamline relevant and interesting food content into their feed.

Developed by a core team of software engineers, the robust and agile platform tackles the need and demand in the food space for this service. FoodNiche makes it absolutely convenient for people to discover great dining experiences despite of their busy schedules.

For complete information, please visit: www.foodniche.me

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