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The nutritional supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, with the development of new and innovative all natural supplements, Med Tech is consistently able to one-up their competition while cementing their brand name with consumers.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – April 20, 2016, Med Tech Industries made headlines today with the announcement that the company has completed their Private Placement Memorandum and expect to be trading by or before the fourth quarter of 2016. This move doesn’t come as a surprise to the “insiders” of the nutritional industry because Med Tech has been making a name for themselves in the nutritional supplement niche for the past 15 years.

Med Tech Industries was founded by Steve Stanley, an avid formulator who found much success with the patent of Nutri-Pops. Nutri-Pops is the first ever, all natural ice-pop that contains the essential vitamins and minerals that children need to lead a healthy life. Now a staple in most grocery stores in the U.S., Nutri-Pops can be found in many households and are a great alternative to junk foods. One child was quoted as saying, “I ate one of those Nutri-Pops and didn’t even know it was healthy!! It tasted so good….I’m definitely going to ask my mom to get more next time!”

During a recent trade show, the spokesperson for Med Tech was quoted as saying, “Since the company’s products are in such high demand and after signing an international distribution deal that will put Nutri-Pops worldwide, taking the company public seems like the next natural step. We are extremely excited for what the future holds for Med Tech and I am just happy to be a part of it!”

Med Tech Industries has released multiple products over the years that were very successful in the United States and a new campaign will see the Med Tech name become a household brand throughout the U.S. and Asia markets. Mark Stanley, the CEO of Med Tech was recently quoted as saying “We have been ready to launch our products worldwide for some time now and with our new distribution platform we see that happening rather quickly. Now that we have completed our Private Placement Memorandum, Med Tech will soar to new heights!”

To learn more about Med Tech Industries or their products, visit their official website at: http://www.medtech-industries.com

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