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New Patent Pending software application has created a new paradigm in working with Audio/Video files. Users can instantly go back to any particular spot in the audio/video file that they have marked.

Verona, Wisconsin, April 27, 2016, HAATHI Software has announced the release of their new Patent Pending media player application called “MediaMark”. This brilliant application is a real game changer in the way people can get the most out of their Audio/Video files. It has many benefits that have attracted both individuals and businesses alike. The strength of “MediaMark” is the ease that users can enjoy in being able to instantly return to previously marked spots in their Audio/Video files. This is an application that anybody can use, and without a lengthy learning curve. In fact, users report that that it can be used within minutes of launch. Just play the audio or video file and when ready to mark a new position, just click the “Add MediaMark” button and give a meaningful description. Voila! You can now go back to that spot in the audio or video file any time in the future with a single click.

HAATHI Software clearly has another winner on their hands with MediaMark. No doubt it will change the way business professionals can make blockbuster presentations. Instead of a sales person appearing clumsy and amateurish during a product demonstration, for maximum impact, he/she can instantly navigate to any pre-marked position in a video file of a product demonstration. There is also functionality in the application to select any section of the audio or video and keep looping it infinitely, thus providing the user with the ability to focus on any aspect of their presentation. Attorneys and lawyers can use MediaMark to instantly go to certain spots in audio or video files used as evidence in the trial rather than fumbling around in front of the judge and jury scrolling back and forth to find the desired content.

MediaMark also enables people to shorten their learning curve in the musical and sports arenas. It is now a simple task to examine one’s own performance or practice video/audio files and note the areas that need perfecting. Simply use MediaMark to mark spots in the audio/video file of the music lesson and instantly get to those spots in the audio/video file with a single click, or loop certain sections of the audio/video file for repeated listening or practice.

Imagine, a martial arts student can set an endless loop that can be studied and replicated as a particular kata or technique is learned. Parents may have a video of their child in a school play or sports activity and can make “spot marks” for instant relocation of the memorable moments in the future. College students like to record lectures, but it is time consuming and cumbersome to go back and just view the important parts. MediaMark makes it easy to get the most out of recorded lectures.

During this launch phase, HAATHI Software is including a Lifetime of Free Upgrades to newer versions when they become available.

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