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“Mentors” can match-up with “Learners” via an online platform creating a global virtual reality learning center.

Wellington, New Zealand, April 27, 2016, For hundreds of years there have been schools and places of higher education. Students would attend these education centers with hopes of acquiring an education. Some did, and some did not. There were always the teachers, and their tools were books. Along came the Internet and a new dimension of how to gain information was created. Still, the failure rate of the education system remains quite high. There clearly must be a better way, or at least an adjunct to the archaic standard methodology of education.

Carrone Conroy, a teacher from New Zealand, has developed that “better way”. The fact that students, or “learners” have a better success rate when working with tutors or “Mentors”, is what inspired him to develop the idea of an online platform that would match-up “Mentors” with “Learners”. This was a brilliant idea, and has established a new paradigm in the way people can learn from those who are clearly experts. This can apply to any category of education or industry. There are no boundaries when it comes to the global availability of such experts. “Learners” will have access to the brightest minds in the world, and on a one-on-one basis.

During a recent interview, Carrone made these comments: “As with everything, you have to start small and I will start of focusing on the teachers professional development industry. Matching junior teachers up with independent senior mentors. If this model works within teaching, I’ll then role it out to other industries that have already shown interest, such as entrepreneurs, aspiring managers and lawyers. This model could be used within the tutoring industry and so on.” A crowdfunding campaign is being launched on Indiegogo.com to raise funds to bring this new vision of the future of education into reality. Funds will be used for programming and website design. This is a great opportunity to be part of something that can bring a better degree of education to all people.

For complete information, please visit: Carrone Conroy’s Crowdfunding Campaign

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