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Luminnaz crafted their trunk organizer to hold tons of items while also remaining sleek and concealed behind the seats. With three huge mesh pockets – one center and two side – and two gusseted center pockets, it’s amazing how much space is available.

San Diego, California, April 27, 2016, Spring is here and it’s a great time to take a road trip. See the sights and keep the vehicle organized for an enjoyable trip. There is nothing like knowing where all the important items are located, and The Luminnaz Premium Car Trunk Backseat Organizer makes it an easy task. The company has just launched a Discount Promotion on Amazon.com, where buyers can take advantage of a 50% discount. This item is not only practicable, but also makes a superb gift. There are many imitations on the market, but only one Premium Level made by Luminnaz.

So no matter if a car, minivan, van, truck, or SUV. The new Premium Car Trunk Backseat Organizer makes organizing the car a fun thing to do. If there is a breakdown or other emergency, everything needed will be right-at-hand. A great place for First Aid supplies.

The Luminnaz Premium Car Trunk Backseat Organizer includes the following features:

• Free Drawstring Black Bag to store and protect the organizer.
• Fits most Vehicles, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, and Minivans.
• Installs in less than 30 seconds.
• Five spacious, flexible storage pockets.
• Premium quality with 1680D polyester.
• 1.5″ durable strap to handle heavy weight.
• Designed for use by children and adults.
• Water-resistant fabric.
• Multipurpose organizer that can store shoes, jumper cables, toys, sports items, kids toys, electronics accessories, children car toys, wires, toolbox, fishing gears, golf items, hardware, baby stuff, baby nursery, etc.
• This package includes the Backseat Organizer in a Poly Bag and the Free Drawstring Bag.

A company spokesperson explains: “If you’ve ever traveled down the street with kids, or even across the country alone, you know firsthand that space is valuable. When you have lots of loose items in your backseat or trunk, you lose space, clutter up your area, and make it difficult to react quickly should there be an emergency. The Luminnaz organizer gives you more space to carry your most needed items while also giving you more leg and trunk room.”

Customer Testimonials have been very favorable. Take a look at what Tress, a Verified Buyer had to say, I am a person that dislikes clutter. There are times when I am really tired and I let stuff get cluttered and I can’t seem to focus or get anything done until it’s organized. With that being said, this auto trunk backseat organizer is just what I needed. This multipurpose organizer has lots of space for storage. There are 3 large mesh pockets and 2 gusseted center pockets that are perfect for my workout shoes. The material is made of high quality polyester fibers. It is durable and well made. It will hold up against wear and tear. The straps are adjustable and the buckles are heavy duty and snap firmly in place. I am very pleased with the quality of this auto organizer and I would definitely recommend to others.”

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