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Just like today’s reality, ahead of the most important election in a century, readers see for themselves how this riveting drama unfolds in this ‘ripped from the headlines’ timely novel.

Atlanta, Georgia, April 28, 2016, Bob L. Lampkin has released his latest novel, ripe for this intense political climate, entitled: “American Legends: Memento Mori”. His fans will not be disappointed, as this politically driven novel will have them on the edge of their seats. The timing is perfect as the news headlines in the story take on an eerie hint of present day reality. Most political pundits of today, both on the Left or the Right, agree that this is the most important election in a century. Bob Lampkin was able to weave this premise into his story in a very believable manner. Readers comment that they feel like they are sitting in a room with the author as he tells his story. It has had a profound effect on all those folks that have read this book.

“American Legends: Memento Mori” unfolds as the country finds itself in the midst of intense political and economic conflict. People who don’t have wealth want the wealth that others have. Politics has created a great divide in the American Society, which way will the country go? The upcoming election will establish how the next generation, and generations to come, will be either the benefactors or the victims of political forces. On one side is the CCL, a band of Modern Day Patriots and on the other, The People, Modernist Progressives hell-bent on upending the status quo. In the middle is Broderick and the families of citizens trying to make sense of the chaos. This blockbuster exposes how ideology run amuck can cause people to become what they most despise.

Bob Lampkin is a former educator and financial advisor. His writing pulls from his diverse experience of international commerce, travel and adventure. In his writings, he aspires to unveil universal truths in a way that transfixes the reader and leads to a more profound understanding of life. Readers see how the United States becomes a shadow of her former self in this unforgettable political nail-biter.

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