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The first Mobile Recharge Platform to accept Bitcoin. Partnering with the world’s leading mobile operators in over 100+ countries.

London, United Kingdom, May 9, 2016, The mobile phone has become part of the way of life in this digital world. It can be a real hassle to top-up sometimes, especially between countries. Some people have a difficult time getting around and find it much easier to do it online. Until now, an online mobile recharge can be a tricky matter. Thanks to Remit2globe.com, it just became a hassle free task to do a cell phone recharge. The company reports that they employ the latest high-tech security protocols so that every transaction is secure.

Remit2globe.com is the way to go when trying to top-up a cell phone in another country. Excellent when a parent or spouse wants to do an international top-up for a family member traveling abroad, or visa versa. The new site is user friendly and easy to navigate. There are only 3-steps required to get the online recharge done in about 5 seconds. The first step is to choose the country where the mobile is and where you wish to top-up. Then, add the number for the mobile you wish to top-up and a valid email address. Once you’ve chosen the amount you’d like to add and complete the payment process, the top-up will be completed. Payment can be made in USD, EURO and Pounds, etc. Major credit cards as well as Paypal are also accepted.

Currently, there are over 400+ carriers in 100+ countries on the platform. Payment options include “bitcoin”, making this online cell phone recharge platform the only one accepting “bitcoin” as a form of currency. During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained: “We are happy to accept bitcoin. Bitcoin is essentially a peer-to-peer monetary system/currency for online payments between individuals, businesses, and other entities that does not require a central authority and reduces fees. Bitcoin can be bought at exchanges or on several marketplaces for peer-to-peer services. This is the future of the Digital Age.”

For complete information, please visit: Remit2globe.com

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