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REKI provides insider real estate information enabling people to succeed in their dreams of earning an income through some sort of real estate investing.

Phoenix, Arizona, May 11, 2016, More people have become wealthy through the magic of real estate investing than any other pursuit. Donald Trump became a billionaire through smart real estate and property investing. Not many people make it to the level of a Donald Trump, but there are many people who have become financially independent through real estate. There are two ways to accomplish this: Go it alone and learn the expensive and hard way, or avail themselves of other peoples knowledge and have access to advanced tools of the trade. The problem has always been the amount of self-proclaimed real estate gurus hawking their same old “No Money Down” courses. You buy the course and you are on your own. Good Luck with that.

All that is changed with the launch of a new concept in real estate investor education+. The “Real Estate Knowledge Institute” (REKI) has announced the launch of their new real estate investment educational platform. This feature rich platform will save thousands of dollars and countless hours on the learning curve for both new and advanced investors. It makes a lot of sense to learn from people who have done what you are trying to learn, and have made money doing it. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. All areas of real estate investing are covered: House Flipping, Wholesaling, Tax Lien and Deed Investing, Cash Flow Properties for long term holding, and more.

The coaching and mentoring is what has made REKI so popular amongst real estate investors. Students are not left to fend for themselves, as they are guided by seasoned pros every step of the way. Student Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Robin & Eric, Verified Students, had to say: “Our coach did a fantastic job of keeping us focused on the process and then reinforced the need to trust it. I feel like my coach was a huge contributor in our success because of this. He also had some great input regarding our tenant and their inability to leave as quickly as we needed them to so we could begin our rehab activities. His experience was a great asset in our investment.”

What is unique about the “Real Estate Knowledge Institute” are the sophisticated tools available to students. Here are some of the outstanding features:

Onboard Website Builder Application: Create a custom website and generate leads, enhance your credibility, and control your online brand.

The #1 Voted Foreclosure Software: Use this tool to locate, research, map, and analyze virtually any property in the United States. Create in-depth reports and access the largest Pre-Foreclosure and REO database available, all of which is updated on a daily basis.

Additional features include: Detailed Information on Any Property in the United States, Property COMPS, Search for Cash Buyers and Properties Owned “Free and Clear”, Interactive Mapping and Satellite Imagery, Comprehensive Property Analysis Wizard, Automatically Generated Cash Flow and Analysis Reports, Premium Valuation Reports and Document Images, Dynamic Mortgage Reduction Calculator with Reporting, Tenant and Rent Tracker, Pre-Populated Homeowner Engagement Letters, Client Financial Tracker, and Mortgage and Home Affordability Calculators.

Cash Flow Calculator: Use the calculator to analyze total return on any deal while considering acquisition costs, rehabbing, interest rates, rental income, property taxes, depreciation, operating expenses, cash flow, investment appreciation, and much more.

Students education includes step-by-step training to ensure that they can take full advantage of the tools. Nobody is left out in the cold. REKI also offers 1 on 1 mentoring for every type of investor, and help with financing.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “We are a venue for the best real estate investments, and a primer for how to invest in property and how to make money flipping houses. “REKI” will show you how, among other things, to flip houses for a profit. Articulate and insightful, “REKI” seeks to empower fellow investors with the knowledge and tools for success. Here you will find a variety of educational programs that have been created by lifetime investors, real estate brokers and agents, private money lenders and experienced property managers.”

For complete information, please visit: The “Real Estate Knowledge Institute”

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