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Students education includes access to industry leading tools, an online video library featuring 100’s of current courses, and full-time access to expert instructors who will work one-on-one to ensure that every step taken gets students closer to their goals.

Phoenix, Arizona, May 12, 2016, Every year thousands of people make the decision to attempt to cash in on the Internet marketing craze. After all, they are just striving to achieve the American Dream….Financial Independence. Their choice is to try and succeed without any training, or to take advantage of training programs by folks who have achieved success on the Internet. It can be a daunting task to attempt to master what it takes to make money on the world-wide-web. It certainly makes sense to take the shortcut and become empowered through a well thought-out educational system.

Omni Training offers a unique platform that is feature rich while at the same time keeping it on a one-on-one basis. Students are able to employ some of the most advanced internet tools available anywhere. Their educators are always available to students whether they have feedback to share or a question to ask. Online education is about more than teaching “how” to do something. They take teaching one step further– by showing how to apply what is learned. Wouldn’t it be nice to side-step the common pitfalls and roadblocks that come with inexperience. The first thing to do is to make a review of the 5 Keys: Determine Your Why, Treat This Like A Business, Take Action, Avoid Common Pitfalls, and Follow A Mentor.

Omni Training’s core of education, is the hand-holding and tutoring of an expert. To supplement that training, students have unlimited access to hundreds of step-by-step video courses, also taught by experienced mentors. Besides the best educational materials in the industry are the one-of-a-kind tools that students have full access to. The initial education includes the use of Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, eBay Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and a world-class course on Dropshipping.

To apply this education in the real-world requires tools. Great tools and their students have them. Equally as important as having access to these tools is knowing how to use them. As part of a student’s education, they receive step-by-step training and learn how to maximize each of the tools. Take a look at why Omni Training claims to enjoy more successful students than any other online marketing course.

eCommerce Website Builder: The eCommerce Web Builder gives you drag-and-drop capabilities so you can add text, images, content, and products to any webpage.

Product Niche Organizer: Use this tool to organize your research, analyze niche ideas, and verify whether or not a niche is worthwhile.

Dropship Directory: This invaluable Dropship Directory gives students immediate access to millions of products carried by thousands of dropship suppliers who want to be a partner.

eBay Research Tool: Easy to identify popular, in-demand products, easily see price points, optimal selling times, and monitor 90-day trends.

Website Reviews: This tool gives access to expert reviewers who will assess your site and identify opportunities for improvement.

eBay Listing Tools: The eBay Listing Tool cuts listing time down by 75% by giving access to hundreds of templates, options, and more.

Student Testimonials are phenomenal. Here is what Dara J., a Verified Student, has to say: “My experience with eBay so far has been great. It has exceeded my expectations since I started listing items on March 31st. My coach has been very helpful in answering any questions I had, recommending changes to my listings, very encouraging and inspiring throughout this process. Thank you coach!”

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