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LeafCanoe creates new paradigm in the world of travel. Kickstarter Campaign to launch in July, 2016.

Andover, Massachusetts, May 23, 2016, with the launch of LeafCanoe’s new travel app, travel planning and sharing experiences on this interactive digital platform is destined to become the travel marketplace of choice. They will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on July 9th to kick off the first marketplace where travelers can create, buy, and sell personal smart travel guides. For the first time, ordinary folks can monetize their travel experiences. Unlike traditional one-size fits all travel guides, people will be able to see personalized and smart travel guides that fit their own travel purpose and style. The personal smart guides shows the places on an interactive map with synchronized picture slider, so that travelers can learn where they are, how they look like, and what they are about right away.

As the Kickstarter pre-launch, LeafCanoe has started the countdown campaign to reveal LeafCanoe experts, sneak peek of the Kickstarter campaign details where anybody can voice their opinion, and interesting travelers and travel stories. Join them and shape LeafCanoe to become the ultimate smart travel guide library that enables everyone to travel their dreams. Simply stated, LeafCanoe is a community for travelers to buy and sell travel stories for better travel experiences. This brilliantly conceived App is free and uses geo-location technology to allow people to shoot, tag and describe where they are anywhere in the world, all in a matter of minutes.

A LeafCanoe Ambassador, Declan Bradley from “The Two Gallivants”, made these comments during a recent interview: “You could be dishing out tips on where to eat in Paris, telling a real-time story of your trek around the ruins of Rome or heading to your favorite local haunts that you want to showcase to the world – you can do it all with just a few clicks on LeafCanoe. All the pieces of your story are packaged in a neat little album, called a “leaf”, which is shared on the LeafCanoe platform. You can find other users’ “leaves” by searching for key words, particular tags, user names, or locations. Once you open the leaf, you will get a ping from the App if you have your GPS on and are nearby a place in the leaf. Perfect!”

They have created the Kickstarter Event on their Facebook page for everybody to participate in. Please tap “interested” or “going” on the event page to subscribe to the latest information and join the discussion.

For complete information, please visit: LeafCanoe

If you are not a Facebook fan and only want to get notified when their Kickstarter launches, you can sign up to their notification newsletter right from their website.

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