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2016 Theme: “Improve Your Health for a Better Self!” The common goal for this day: To help keep older Americans healthy and fit.

Mountain View, CA, May 23, 2016, National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the nation’s largest annual health promotion event for older adults. More than 100,000 older adults will participate in activities at more than 1,000 locations throughout the U.S. on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, as we celebrate the 23rd annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day. Science has shown the way to better longevity and wellness. The key elements are a good diet and an exercise plan along with proper hydration.

As explained by the National Institutes of Health, there are many benefits to eating well. Healthy eating can begin at any age, and may offer prevention of: Heart Disease, Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, Bone Loss, Certain Types of Cancer, and Anemia. When people adhere to a healthy eating diet, they often enjoy reduced high blood pressure, lowered high cholesterol and better managed diabetes. The nutrients needed for wellness are vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and water. Being physically active in later years is of critical importance. Weight bearing exercise will help retain healthy bones and muscle mass. Cardio exercises will strengthen the heart.

Experts on aging agree that not all senior citizens have the option to prepare healthy well balanced meals by themselves. This doesn’t mean that they do not have access to fresh, well cooked and well balanced meals. MagicKitchen.com meals are dietician designed for a variety of special diets, such as: Senior Special Diet Meals, Portion Controlled Meals for weight loss and maintenance, Low Sodium Meals to keep that Blood Pressure low, Diabetic-Friendly Meals, Low-Carb Meals, Heart-Healthy Meals, Renal Diet Meals, Dialysis-Friendly Meals, Gluten-Free Meals and even Snacks.

Seniors can enjoy fresh healthy meals with no hassles in the kitchen. When ordered, the meals arrive on their doorstep frozen. All that needs to be done is to heat and serve. This means no food list shopping, no cooking and no dishes to clean. The meals are handmade in small batches without preservatives. All ingredients are sourced within the USA and all products are prepared 100% in the USA.

MagicKitchen.com’s meals are guaranteed: “If anything you receive from MagicKitchen.com arrives spoiled or damaged it will be replaced at our expense. Any meals you try that do not meet your satisfaction will either be credited or replaced in your next order.”

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