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This is the world famous 1-Day Seminar that has taught people how to build a million dollar eBay business from home without spending a cent of their own money or borrowing any money.

Melbourne, Australia, June 6, 2016, An incredible opportunity has just been announced that will give ordinary people the chance to learn how to develop and operate their own highly profitable eBay Home Based Business. Why suffer through the learning curve and wasted money when the eBay Guru, Neil Waterhouse, is ready to share the secrets that have enabled him to become a Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller. It makes no sense to go it alone, when learning from someone who has done it is holding a special 1-Day Million Dollar eBay success seminar.

Mark the calendar for August 13, 2016, for this special event that Neil is holding in Melbourne, Australia. People are traveling there from all over the globe, and for good reason. Simply stated, there is no other eBay Seminar that is equal. Neil Waterhouse is a celebrated eBay success story. Some of his credits include: eBay Multi-Million Dollar Seller, author of best seller “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home”, eBay ‘invited’ guest speaker, Alibaba ‘invited’ guest speaker, and Professional eBay Sellers Alliance ‘invited’ guest speaker,12 years eBay experience and 24 years importing experience.

Over 460,000 people have left their jobs and now run full time eBay businesses and you can too.

Join Neil in this live seminar event, as he presents these seminars in person. He is going to present his fool-proof Blueprint for eBay Success.

Here is a small part of what attendees will learn:

• How To Sell On eBay

• What to Sell on eBay

• Top Selling Items On eBay

• Dropshipping

• Where to source new and used Products

• Where to Get Free Inventory To Sell

• How to Source From China

• Hundreds of eBay Selling Tips Revealed – Just One Tip Can Double Sales

• eBay Best Match Tricks Revealed

• The Secrets eBay Won’t Share to Get Listings to the Top of eBay‘s Best Match Search Results in Less Than 30 Minutes.

• How to Automate

• How To Build A Multi Million Dollar eBay Business From Home as taught by an eBay Pro.

Student Testimonials always tell the story, and there are over 65 of them on Neil’s website. Neil takes great pride in knowing that he has helped thousands of people realize financial freedom. Take a look at what Dr Chaminda Gunathilake, of Queensland, Australia, had to say: “Thanks Neil, the seminar was great. The same night, I made a few changes to one of my listings and it jumped from the second page to mid first page.”

For complete information, please visit: “How To Build a Million Dollar eBay Business”

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