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Discover the strength of the human spirit. Support those in need by helping them to achieve their fundraising goals. MedCare will also donate a portion of their fees to the cause of choice.

Royal Oak, Michigan, June 15, 2016, Crowdfunding has become the new method of choice for raising funds for various entrepreneurial projects. There are many other worthwhile needs that have not had access to this phenomenal approach at raising money quickly. After all, there are no time-consuming credit applications to fill out and then waiting for months just to be rejected. MedCare Funder has stepped-up and launched a new crowdfunding platform for anyone in need of help for healthcare and medical reasons. It may be for medical bills, medications, funerals, unexpected emergencies, Veterinarian bills for pets and much more.

MedCare Funder has truly set a new paradigm in the world of crowdfunding with their program that gives back to the community. They will donate a portion of their fees to the cause of choice of the person launching a campaign on the site. For people looking to raise funds, they can start in a few minutes: sign up, create an account, set the funding goal, describe your story, how the funds will be used and click publish. Donations can now be received from funders and you can withdraw funds via the secure site of WePay at anytime.

Millions of people have either insufficient or no health insurance at all. This is why the leading cause of Bankruptcy is health care expenses. MedCare Funder can help relieve the stress of any unplanned medical expense, letting family and friends, near or far to contribute to the medical fund through online donations. In contrast to platforms claiming 100% free fundraising services that will charge donors up to 10%, MedCare Funder doesn’t charge donors a single penny. Thanks to their 0% platform fee, they ensure that each and every one of their fundraisers receives the most funds possible for they’re worthy cause. There are no penalties for missing goals; the fundraiser gets to keep every donation received (minus fees). They can withdraw the funds anytime without any limits, and can also withdraw funds multiple times during the campaign.

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