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Singular works with creditors and credit bureaus by applying the right credit repair strategies to each case to force the deletion of problematic negative items from client’s credit reports.

Old Bridge, New Jersey, June 21, 2016, Few things are as damaging to achieving the American Dream as a bad credit score. In American society, the credit report is used as a standard in judging the financial worthiness of an individual. Whether buying a car, a home, obtaining a loan, medical care, vacation loan, home repair, and the list goes on. Even trying to rent a home or applying for a job. That Credit Report can make or break the day. This is why there are firms that specialize in Credit Repair.

The problem is that not all credit repair firms are the same. It surely is a case of buyer beware. At the moment, the most recommended credit repair firm is Singular Credit Repair. One of the features that makes them a standout is their Client’s Web Portal with their own Dashboard. This is the utmost in interactive transparency allowing the client to login and see exactly what is going on with their case. No surprises, and the client knows the exact stage of each process. This user interface is easy to navigate and user friendly at the same time.

Remember, no credit repair company can bill upfront for services not rendered. Singular Credit Repair is a national credit restoration company. Their FICO Certified Consultants have over 20 years of expertise repairing and educating consumers about their credit. They can improve credit scores by forcing the deletion of negative, incorrect, outdated or misleading information from their credit report. It is not uncommon for them to successfully remove: Collections, Tax Liens, Judgements, Repos, Bankruptcies, Late Payments, Charge-Offs, Foreclosures and Student Loans.

Singular has the best rated Guarantee in the industry: “If you sign up for service with Singular Credit Repair in any program, and do not see any questionable items deleted from your credit in 90 days, you will be entitled to a full refund.”

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