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Thinking about doing a task is not the same as actually performing and finishing the task. The “My ToDo” Task Manager Mobile App Can Ease Life’s Workload By Simply Yet Strategically Arranging Personal Action Plans.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, July 4, 2016, There are only so many hours in a day. People that learn to manage their time more efficiently are those that succeed in life and business. This is a learned skill, people are not born with time management skills. With the advent of the Smartphone, it became easier to develop these skills plus have the use of Productivity Mobile Apps. It makes perfect sense to embrace and religiously make use of a Task Manager Mobile App. Keeping a little notepad and a pen in the shirt pocket is an archaic attempt at task management. In today’s digital age, one need only to tune-in to a good Task Manager App and be amazed at how much more can be accomplished in a day.

New upon the task manager app scene is the “My ToDo” App, which is a next generation mobile app that has all task management functions in one easy to use and implement app. Imagine, just a download is all it takes for a person to become a champion at time management. Users report that once they have their data entered into the app, they feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and they can think more clearly about what needs to get done.

Some of the “My ToDo” highlights include:

• Manage tasks from anywhere with offline support.
• Add, complete, and re-schedule tasks from an iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android coming soon.
• Seamless follow-up on tasks making task management easy.
• Share tasks, add comments and media within the app.
• Gamified approach.
• Beautiful color graphs.
• Instant app notifications.

It just became easy to keep track of important deadlines with due dates. Users can quickly view and prioritize tasks for the day or week ahead with visual, drag-and-drop scheduling. “MyToDo” is flexible enough to handle any organizational style with any size to-do list or multiple to-do list according to different roles (e.g. office, project A, personal, investments, family).

These features are included in the app:

• Any number of lists/projects to handle • Notepad included
• Password for account • Password for folders
• Reminder time setup • Easy 7 & 30 days status for activities due
• Task type selection for notifications • Email sharing and Facebook
• Media adding to your task definition • Traffic light to monitor % of task advance
• Task classification tools simple and direct • Task intuitive management

Having this new ability to be more efficient in one’s everyday life is a motivational force unto itself. It helps drive people to be all they can be, to strive to fulfill the dreams all people have of success.

“My ToDo” helps people focus on the tasks that are most important first, and then all others. Everything is established by the user and displayed graphically. Don’t forget to visit their website to check-out the specials and discounts.

For complete information, please visit: http://mytodoapp.com/

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