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“Tip Spoke is a Free Service that delivers carefully selected tips on fun things to do, including useful guides and insider insights.”

Sudbury, Massachusetts, July 11, 2016, Tipspoke.com has launched a new platform enabling people to easily find fun things to do in over 40 major metro areas. Their Mission is to focus on helping people and families find fun things to do to enrich their lives. The Tipspoke.com Team brings together a wide range of experience to deliver Awesome Tips Worth Sharing™ that make life easier and more fun for everyone. Tipspoke.com is designed to be easy to navigate, so people can spend less time searching and more time having fun.

Site visitors will find that the site is clearly divided into categories, such as: Fun Things to Do Locally, Travel Tips, and Fun Things to Do at Home – including Arts & Crafts, Family Games & Activities, Science Experiments, Magic Tricks, Jokes for Kids, Riddles & Brainteasers for Kids, Online Activities, and Food & Dining Activities.

Tipspoke.com not only focuses on covering popular destinations, but also many that are off the beaten path. As an example, someone looking for an activity in Boston would find a hand-picked list of over a hundred things to do in and around the Greater Boston area. The insider tips can help people have more fun while saving a lot of time and money. Tip Spoke partners with bloggers and topical experts, who have awesome tips to share, giving them visibility to Tip Spoke’s website and newsletter readership.

Stacey Sao, the CEO of Tip Spoke is a Villanova grad who launched the successful Boston-area website BostonCentral.com in 2001, and launched the first version of Tipspoke.com in 2015 with just a handful of tips focused on online activities. During a recent interview, she made these comments: “This next version of Tipspoke.com, featuring thousands of new tips, is an amazing free resource to help people have more fun. We’re excited to be partnering with bloggers and other websites who have expertise in specific areas to get the best content to our readers.”

For complete information, please visit: https://tipspoke.com

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