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Vamoove.com is the only website in the world of its kind to have people register their proof of eligibility before approving a negotiation request.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 19, 2016, The way real estate is bought and sold just took a turn for the better with the launching of Vamoove.com. This new realty web portal focuses on property that is either distressed/below market value or quick sales which is ideal for developers, first time buyers or people looking to add value to property and real-estate. Vamoove.com is the only website in the world of its kind to have people register their proof of eligibility to buy, and was born out of frustration from a team of property developers not only fed up with unnecessary agent’s rising fees, but also the growing amount of time wasters just booking viewings to see the properties with no real intention to buy.

Vamoove.com is an international online property & real-estate search that is dedicated to saving both the buyer and seller time and money. By reducing listing fees plus allowing the seller to check the authenticity of the buyer and approve a request for further negotiations depending on their ability to buy, the site takes efficiency to a new level. Vamoove.com is leaps and bounds in front of other property websites across the globe in terms of straight-up honest sales and negotiations with no hidden agendas. With its simple tools like the mandatory commission listing for sellers and agents, Vamoove not only aids, but gives transparency and trust on an international scale within the local real-estate markets.

A company spokesperson explains that some of the other features include: Displaying the agent’s percentage of commission on the listing so there are no hidden fees for the buyer and total transparency within the sale, and Real-Time searches for properties to give the user a quick stress free experience while using this easy to navigate website. They only except postings from the real owner of the property or entrusting agent in charge. Also, buyers are assured of the most competitive price for any property. The site will be launching today, and they are offering early bird deals to sellers to list their property for the coming year. For investment and advertising opportunities, contact our Florida office at info@vamoove.com

For complete information, please visit: Vamoove.com

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