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“One of the most magical things about yoga is its ability to reduce the negativity in the world. The ultimate expression of negativity is violence. Yoga has the ability to reduce violence in kids.”

Attleboro, Massachusetts, July 23, 2016, Many experts believe that the way to reduce violence in society starts with young people. After all, child bullies often become adult bullies. Important to bear in mind that “Stress Is Relative”. Children grow up with an enormous amount of stress that they have to cope with, and may not have the tools to do so. Aura Wellness Center is developing a game-changing Yoga App for young people that will help them to develop the necessary tools to cope with everyday stress. Yoga has been shown to be an effective tool in the development of certain emotional and intellectual skills that can reverse negativity and the urge to act out aggressive behavior.

What Aura Wellness has done with their new app, called “Tiki’s Yoga Journey”, is brilliant in its ability to capture the attention of young people and engage them in a 3d interactive medium. Through the practice of Yoga, children are more focused, healthier, relaxed, athletic and less violent. Tiki’s Yoga Journey allows parents and Yoga teachers to instill the idea that good health is fun. The life skills children gain from practicing Yoga teaches them how to deal with stress, peer pressure, single parent families, academic demands and educational cut backs due to the global economy.

During a recent interview, Paul Jerard, the creator of “Tiki’s Yoga Journey”, made these comments: “Over the past three decades, my passion has been teaching children, adults and over 2700 Yoga teachers worldwide. During the past year, we have assembled a team of artists, app designers and voice actors for the creation of the app: “Tiki’s Yoga Journey.” Children and families need entertaining and wholesome information that is educational and reinforces family bonds. The seeds we plant today can improve the entire planet within one generation. Your children and grandchildren will have life skills that enable them to cope during the ups and downs of life.”

He goes on to say, “It may be a cliché, but the children really are our future. If we look for tools, like yoga, that help develop peaceful children, they will then be likely to grow up into adults who value peace as well. This can be a powerfully positive cycle that will continue to reduce violence as each successive generation becomes more committed to the values of peace and unity.”

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