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Investment Newsletter firm out of Nambour, Australia will become the Defendant in a Civil Suit for slanderous comments and failure to pay monies owed to vendor.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 28, 2016, How can people be persuaded to trust Sentiment Trader with funds for investment, or rely on their Newsletter, when management cannot live up to their contractual obligations. To make matters worse, they posted untrue allegations with a malicious intent to cause financial harm.

This is a perfect example of how an inexperienced business person reacts to their own unrealistic expectations. It’s all a matter of a damaged ego in this case. The client did not get the results they wished for, and refuses to accept the fact that the public is not as interested in their company as they are. In an earlier attempt at promotion, this client suffered the same results. One would think that they would change their message instead of blaming the messenger.

Sentiment Trader makes all sorts of wild claims as to their professionalism, yet they can’t pay an Invoice for work performed that amounts to under $100.00. A word to the wise would be to stay as far away as possible from these people. Imagine working with this firm and a problem arises, they will not take responsibility for anything. Any problems that arise will be just too bad as far as they are concerned. Try to resist them and they will go for your neck, publishing lies that they cannot support with facts.

They do not care how much it may hurt a firm’s reputation, as long as they can save face amongst themselves. Shame on them, and shame on anyone who works with them.

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