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“As yoga often results in improved focus and concentration, regular practice is frequently accompanied by better academic performance. Yoga has also been shown to help children with attention problems”

Attleboro, Massachusetts, August 4, 2016, It has been said that the beauty of yoga is that its benefits are available to children of all ages. In the case of attention problems, doesn’t it make more sense to try yoga as opposed to prescription drugs? The only side effect of yoga is wellness. An article published in the peer-reviewed Journal – “Frontiers of Psychiatry” examined the efficacy of yoga in improving Mental Health and Well-Being in children and young people. It is discussed how yoga can be a comprehensive approach to stress, something which is needed in the often tension-filled lives of children today. As yoga also aids in shifting self-awareness inward, to children’s own cues and emotions, it counteracts negative social and cultural influences, including the current media pressure to be always online and available.

The next question is how best to deliver yoga to the younger population. Experts agree that if you want to maintain the attention of children, make learning fun. Engage them and have them interact in the learning process. Researchers at The Aura Wellness Center, in Massachusetts, have been hard at work developing a Yoga Teaching App for kids. It makes learning yoga and a healthy lifestyle fun. The kids love to use this app, so they learn while they are engaged.

The new app is called “Tiki’s Yoga Journey”, and it captures the attention of young people and engages them in a 3d interactive medium. Parents and teachers finally will have a modern day tool to improve the life skills of young people. “Tiki’s Yoga Journey” prepares them to deal with stress, peer pressure, single parent families, and societal expectations. The article, referenced above, notes that yoga teaching needs to be serious and multi-disciplinary, yet based on children’s needs and everyday lives, with a playful and fun approach. “Tiki’s Yoga Journey” hits the mark.

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