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The story blends horror elements with science fiction. Criminals from the
present day find out about an artifact after stealing a top-secret device
that allows a person to slip backwards through time.

Jacksonville, Florida, August 18, 2016, Wayne Sandman Sanders has announced release of his long awaited debut novel. “Gunslingers” is a tale of the Wild West that stretches the imagination. Make no mistake about it, Wayne’s introductory novel is not only entertaining, it will keep the reader on the edge of their seat, eager to keep on reading. He has proven himself to be more than ample as an author, as readers report that they felt that they were sitting in a room with Wayne as he told his tale. This great adventure tale is over 300 pages of intrigue, and is hard to put down after beginning.

Primarily set in the 1800’s Wild-West era, “Gunslingers” is a grueling tale surrounding a priest named Diego who has just received an impossible task of recovering an ancient artifact made of gold, which was taken by demonic forces led by a notorious entity known as The Beast. Accompanied by a group of bounty hunters, the priest sets out on a journey from Mexico to the harsh and rugged landscape of California’s Wild West region where they encounter bazaar occurrences that suggests they are heading in the right direction. The artifact being sought after is so highly regarded, that it doesn’t take long before word could spread about the golden relic and chaos ensues.

In life, the demonic entity was a high-ranking soldier in the indestructible Roman army. His insatiable thirst for blood led to his downfall and ultimately his damnation. Thousands of years later, the being, now known as Montaug, seeks the relic for his redemption. As the search takes Father Diego to California, he meets the leader of the legendary Gunslingers, Revo Kaniis. The Gunslingers witnessed a series of bazaar events days earlier involving one of their own, and are anxious to join Father Diego. What began as an investigation quickly turns into a race against time through three eras – past, present and future – each with its own set of criminals searching for the relic. The chase for the Cross of Oaxaca quickly develops into violence, paving the path to redemption in blood.

Wayne Sanders developed the concept behind “Gunslingers” over 20-years ago during his travels abroad, picking up different cultural influences seen within the novel, particularly with the main characters being of ethnic origins as well as strong female characters that give the tale depth. Sanders is also an avid reader and loves blending historical events within his fictional tales to provide a sense of realism in a similar fashion as Bram Stoker did with Dracula. Even though “Gunslingers” is mostly a western tale, it becomes more apparent through the political undertones within the book that the writer is aware of the restructuring of society by darker forces hidden within the government. “Gunslingers” is available now on Amazon.com and will be in stores later this summer.

For complete information, please visit: Wayne Sandman Sander’s “Gunslingers”

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