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“The Adventures of Aunty Apple tells the story of an entertaining, eccentric world traveler named Aunty Apple who regularly sends postcards to her nephew from some exotic, global adventure.”

Newport Beach, California, August, 2016, This is not just another story book it is an adventure. Author Lauren Jolliffe has just released the first book of her Children’s picture Book Series”The Adventures of Auntie Apple in Africa”. Readers report that reading the picture book feels like they are on an adventure with the turn of each page. With the purchase of each book the little reader will receive an actual postcard sent from the character Aunty Apple.

“The Adventures of Auntie Apple” is a book that takes children away from their everyday life and pushes their creative imaginations to live vicariously through the illustrations and storyline. This book not only takes the reader on a journey with an entertaining Aunt who goes by the name Aunty Apple, but keeps the reader engaged by her fun travels throughout the continent of Africa discovering the sites and cultures of different parts of Africa, all within a whimsical theme. Readers will enjoy the colorful illustrations, hidden messages and dialogue.

“The Adventures of Aunty Apple” picture book series will continue with Aunty Apples Adventures to Italy, among other countries in the world. The theme of each book in the series will be tied to a specific charity, a portion of the proceeds will support. The two charities related to the first edition “Aunty Apples Adventures in Africa” will be “Free Wheelchair Mission” and “African Wildlife Charities”. The series will also include a children’s travel accessory line sold in select stores.

Lauren grew up in Newport Beach, CA, and has always been involved with charities around the world, doing global missions primarily focused on food security and mobility issues. She also traveled often with her family doing father/daughter trips to the Amazon Jungle and trips to Asia and Europe for business. Lauren lived in Italy for five years and was a graduate from the American University of Rome Italy. Traveling and story telling is her passion. She created journals of her adventures and made humorous post cards to send to her family members back home. This is the premise of her children’s book series, “The Adventures of Aunty Apple”. The Author will be hosting book signings at Barnes and Noble in Newport Beach as well as the famous children’s boutique Ron Robinson in Santa Monica. Stay tuned for dates.

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