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Healthy Aging® Month is an opportunity to turn back the clock on aging. Imagine waking up in the morning full of energy. Commit to healthy living and healthy eating.

Mountain View, CA, August 25, 2016, The focus is on senior citizens because September is Healthy Aging® Month, and older folks are a quickly growing segment of society. Healthy Aging® Month was first introduced when the baby boomers were about to turn 50. Today, as the boomers turn 60 and 65, the focus is on longevity and wellness. Fortunately, medical science has shown the way to a longer and healthier life. The key elements are a good diet and an exercise plan along with proper hydration.

Everybody should be doing some form of exercise at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t have to be like training for a bodybuilding competition, but keep in mind that weight-bearing exercise is best for bone growth and maintenance. Start with very light weights, 2.5 or 5 pound dumbbells are great, don’t be embarrassed. This will make it easy on tendons and ligaments as your body gets used to some solid exercise.

Also, do not underestimate the benefits of proper hydration. This means pure water to replenish the cells of the body. This can alleviate joint pain and headaches as well. Dehydration can also cause headaches and depression. Pinch some skin on your forearm and see if the “fold” stays where it is or returns quickly. This is a great indicator of dehydration. If you are on diuretics, keep on top of your water intake.

Of critical importance to the older population is sound nutrition. This means a diet that will build and not take away from health. What is needed is a balance of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats along with vitamins and minerals.

As explained by the National Institutes of Health, there are many benefits to eating well. When people adhere to a healthy eating diet, they often enjoy reduced high blood pressure, lowered high cholesterol and better managed diabetes. Imagine winning the fight against: Heart Disease, Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, Bone Loss, Certain Types of Cancer, and Anemia.

Many senior citizens are not able to go shopping for healthy foods and then stand there and prepare a well balanced meal. Thanks to MagicKitchen.com, this is no longer an obstacle to eating well. Their meals are dietician designed for a variety of special diets, such as: Senior Special Diet Meals, Portion Controlled Meals for weight loss and maintenance, Low Sodium Meals to keep that Blood Pressure low, Diabetic-Friendly Meals, Low-Carb Meals, Heart-Healthy Meals, Renal Diet Meals, Dialysis-Friendly Meals, Gluten-Free Meals and even Snacks.

The Senior Special Diet Meals are complete meals meant for a senior appetite. One-serving, portion-controlled full meals that heat up easily in the oven or microwave. Their senior diet delivery gets these meal for seniors right to their door.

The meals can sit in the freezer for up to 3 months, and be taken out whenever they don’t feel like cooking, or just want a delicious easy meal. The meals are handmade in small batches without preservatives. All ingredients are sourced within the USA and all products are prepared 100% in the USA.

Michelle Tayler RDN, MagicKitchen.com President, explained that MagicKitchen.com’s meals are guaranteed: “If anything you receive from MagicKitchen.com arrives spoiled or damaged it will be replaced at our expense. Any meals you try that do not meet your satisfaction will either be credited or replaced in your next order.”

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