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“The author of “Million Dollar eBay Business from Home”, invites you to attend the world famous 1-Day Seminar that teaches people how to build a million dollar eBay business from home.”

Melbourne, Australia, August 29, 2016, A major problem nowadays is that people are not earning enough money and have scant savings. Many people would like to have their own home based business, but don’t know where to start. One of the most successful undertakings is starting an eBay Business, but only for those folks who do their homework. It just became a lot easier to achieve success thanks to Neil Waterhouse, who is going to share the secrets that have enabled him to become a Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller. His world famous Live 1-Day eBay Seminar gives ordinary people the chance to learn how to develop and operate their own highly profitable eBay Home Based Business.

Some people are stubborn and think they can go it alone, but they always end up spending a fortune, and don’t always succeed. It is a much better idea to find out from a person like Neil Waterhouse, who has already done what others are striving for. This means avoiding a costly and frustrating learning curve. The only way to get the inside tips and tricks is from somebody who has already mastered the way of selling on eBay. Over 460,000 people have left their jobs and now run full time eBay businesses, and this is the best way to join the crowd.

Saturday, November 10, 2016, is the day for this special event that Neil is holding in Brisbane, Australia. Neil Waterhouse is a celebrated eBay success story. Some of his credits include: eBay Multi-Million Dollar Seller, author of best seller “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home”, eBay ‘invited’ guest speaker, Alibaba ‘invited’ guest speaker, and Professional eBay Sellers Alliance ‘invited’ guest speaker,12 years eBay experience and 24 years importing experience. It is easy to see why people come to his seminars from all over the planet.

Here is a small part of what attendees will learn:

• How To Sell On eBay
• What to Sell on eBay
• Top Selling Items On eBay
• Dropshipping
• Where to source new and used Products
• Where to Get Free Inventory To Sell
• How to Source From China
• Hundreds of eBay Selling Tips Revealed – Just One Tip Can Double Sales
• eBay Best Match Tricks Revealed
• The Secrets eBay Won’t Share to Get Listings to the Top of eBay‘s Best Match Search Results in Less Than 30 Minutes.
• How to Automate
• How To Build A Multi Million Dollar eBay Business From Home as taught by an eBay Pro.

Student Testimonials tell the story, and there are a plethora of them on Neil’s website. Neil takes great pride in knowing that he has helped thousands of people realize financial freedom. Take a look at what Rex Elleray, a Verified Student, of Queensland, Australia, had to say: “Content rich, presented with a desire to help rather than upsell. Even attending a second time gives deeper understanding of many of the topics.”

For complete information, please visit: “How To Build a Million Dollar eBay Business”

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