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PoetryNook interviews Martin Elster – Winner of their 94th weekly poetry contest.

New York, New York, September 16, 2016, “The Dollhouse Mirror”, a book of poetry by Frank Watson, was published in 2014 and instantly became a poetry book that was destined to increase in popularity year after year. PoetryNook.com is celebrating the books phenomenal reception by poetry fans by featuring it as this weeks must read. Frank Watson has shown his uncanny ability as a wordsmith to translate his thoughts into short, but precise, poetic verse. Professional Reviews of “The Dollhouse Mirror” are extremely illustrative of reader’s reviews.

Here is a sampling of some of the reviews:

“The rich imagery, haiku-like stanzas, and plain language make for poetry with an air of mystery and romance that is ultimately highly accessible.” – The Quilliad Reviews

“Compact poems replete with stunning and visually arresting images” – Kirkus Reviews

“The poems are short, but magical — filled with love, passion, yearning, and sometimes sadness and regret.” – Manhattan with a Twist

“After reaching the last page, I imagined there were fifty more pages awaiting my arrival. Watson left me wanting more. More poems. More imagery. More blue nights and haunted dreams. More weeping wood and moonlit ecstasy.” – The Portsmouth Review

Frank Watson, Editor of PoetryNook.com, was able to sit down and chat with Martin Elster, winner of the 94th weekly poetry contest. Martin’s winning entry was “Cherry Blossom Reverie”.

Frank asked about the origination of the concept of the poem: Martin reveals that he was inspired by the music of Keiko Abe, the Japanese marimba virtuoso. One of her most famous pieces is entitled “Dream of the Cherry Blossoms.”

Martin was asked when he first got interested in poetry? When did he start writing?

“At the end of 1999, a melody I was playing on the marimba, in mixed meters (or in poetry lingo, heterometric), kept running through my mind. I found myself putting words to it, and writing a series of poems, each with the exact same form, the form of the melody. After three years of writing about the canid clan, I had enough material for a collection and had it published in 2003 (with a second edition in 2005). The book was called There’s a Dog in the Heavens!: A Universe of Canine Verse, I am hoping, at some point, to publish another collection of the work I’ve done over the last ten years or so.”

Martin explains his major influences: “I read a great deal of poetry, including much that appears in Poetry Nook. I enjoy both formal and free verse. I have a soft spot, however, for poetry in meter, and delight in poets of various eras, but especially the work of more recent poets.”

The interview with Martin Elster can be viewed in its entirety here.

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