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John brings forth an outdoor adventure in the swashbuckling style of bygone writers. A LongHunter was a 1700’s explorer and hunter who made expeditions into the American frontier wilderness for as much as six months at a time.

Plattsburgh, New York, September 23, 2016, Fans of John Elden will not be disappointed with his latest book release – “First LongHunter”. In the style of Louise Lamoure and Laura Ingles Wilder, this teen appropriate novel has Action Adventure Survival Skills and Romance. Both boys and girls will love this book. Adults will enjoy the story and the characters as well. The book has a twist in the plot that later goes on to be the most important piece of equipment that Lewis and Clark used on their expedition. This captivating first release of a series has readers asking for more. People report that reading this book is like sitting in a room with John as he tells his tale.

“First LongHunter” is a story of Conrad Decker, a Long Hunter, set in 1750. This was not an easy life, as it was filled with danger as well as adventure that pits not only man against man, but man against nature in order to survive. The LongHunter was peculiar to Southwest Virginia. Most long hunts started in the Holston River Valley near Chilhowie, Virginia. The hunters came from there and the adjacent valley of the Clinch River. They were land owners or residents. These parties of two or three men, usually started their hunts in October. The area they hunted is now Kentucky and later they would move into the Ohio Valley and would also venture into the Carolinas.

John Elden Gibbons is the grandson of famed outdoor naturist Euell Gibbons, of Grape Nuts Fame. John started learning survival at the early age of eight by participating in a three day survival trip with his grandfather. At age 16, John hiked the Northville – Lake Placid trail, hiking one week alone. He is a licensed guide and has worked for six years with NY’s Juvenile Offender Wilderness Program, taking them Backpacking, Canoeing, Climbing and Winter Camping. John has 30+ years of training, teaching skills and traveling the outdoors. He holds a BA in Anthropology and has averaged 145 days in the woods and has logged thousands of miles. John is also the author of an Adirondack Guides Cookbook and Canoe Camp Cooking, and is currently working on a survival handbook and videos.

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