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Sacramento, California, October 20, 2016 – The Wireless Management Group (WMG) is seeking to revolutionize and lead the prepaid wireless industry. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of prepaid wireless plans, unlocked cell phones and their unique ways of creating and adding value for customers, WMG is bringing affordable wireless services to the masses.

The increase in interest in prepaid service is likely a result of high-end smart phones, like Apple’s iPhone and a number of Android products being made available to prepaid customers. In the past, prepaid customers were forced to accept lower-tier phones and service quality in order to gain the benefits of prepaid service. With prepaid plans, customers enjoy lower rates and greater flexibility from their phone service.

WMG has grown to dominate the retail wireless industry over the past 10 years. The organization owns and operates subsidiaries for the following prepaid brands: Cricket, Hola Wireless, MetroPCS and Wireless Connection. Its business model has been highly profitable, leading it to its current goal of expanding by over 300 retail stores to become the number one prepaid wireless dealer in America. Aside from operating its own stores, Wireless Management Group also takes over existing wireless stores that are not performing well, transforming them into profitable businesses for themselves and others.

The organization places great emphasis on providing exceptional customer service to enable it to stay ahead of other prepaid wireless competitors. Wireless Management Group’s founders include former board members and CEOs from major companies, coming together with over 30 years of combined professional experience in the prepaid wireless industry. This world-class management team has the background required to help take WMG to the next level, incorporating drive, passion, professionalism, street smarts and expertise. In addition to management experience, WMG also boasts aggressive, targeted marketing campaigns, exclusive POS systems and powerful development strategies. Building on its past track record of success in the industry, WMG is poised to take over as the market leader in the prepaid wireless market.

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