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“The Industry Spread” is more than just a global trading news source. Their professional content promises to keep visitors informed on the latest trends and moves in the global trading industry.

Sydney, Australia, October 29, 2016, In the fast paced environment of the global trading industry, solid information is the key to success. It is easy to find financial news sites, but none rise to the level of “The Industry Spread”. The global trading industry was sorely in need of an information and news portal that covers all of the bases, and in depth. Their site is well laid out and easy to navigate. The content is sourced from the most respected names in global trading and financial industry news.

“The Industry Spread’s” home page provides a glimpse into the breadth of the platform. Here is where a visitor can check out the latest Industry News, Regulatory Announcements, Central Bank Announcements, Industry Insights, Market News, Industry Jobs, and more. The upcoming industry directory at The Industry Spread will provide more than a list of companies. Its aim is to be a true resource tool. Detailed information will be provided on each company in the industry including who is running the company and what products and services they are providing to the market.

The focus at “The Industry Spread” is on a range of products, including equities, commodities, FX, and derivatives. An emphasis is on technology, global regulation, and risk management news. This is the platform that such professionals as Senior Managers and Executives from Brokerage Firms, Asset Managers, and Proprietary Trading Firms have been waiting for in order to keep abreast of Key Financial Markets and developing financial centres within Africa, Asia and South America.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “We have built a strong team of professional journalists from key international markets who are experienced in working with some of the world’s leading Financial Service professionals.” He goes on to say: “Our aim is to deliver professional content that not only engages our audience, but also builds trust and secures our place as the most respected and read news source in the industry.”

The team at “The Industry Spread” understands that people like to peruse content in various ways, and at their own convenience. This is why the content will be provided across multiple platforms while at the same time being optimized for use across all devices. The strong social media presence provides users/members the flexibility to access content how and when they want it. Industry experts proclaim that The Industry Standard will become the “Go -To” platform for global trading industry content.

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