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“The Knowledge Roundtable” is 100% commission and subscription free for tutors and students.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, November 5, 2016, The team at “The Knowledge Roundtable” was pleased to announce that they have exceeded their milestone of 18,000 tutors. In fact, they continue to grow at the rate of 3,000 more tutor sign-ups per month. The site matches up tutors with students, and is quickly becoming a dominant force in this industry. It is easy to see why the pace of students inquiring now is 10x the pace at the beginning of the year. While other tutoring marketplaces charge a commission or subscription, “The Knowledge Roundtable” is 100% free for tutors and students.

Tutoring industry insiders have described this site as the ultimate tutoring marketplace. The site features a tutor pricing model that helps tutors and students learn the going rate near them, and has a WordPress plugin. The company reports that they are in the process of being published in an academic journal. TheKnowledgeRoundtable.com is a very user friendly site and easy to navigate. It’s simple to sign-up to become a tutor and receive unlimited inquiries directly from students, and apply to unlimited tutoring jobs. When registering as a tutor on “The Knowledge Roundtable”, tutors set their own hourly rate and make their own arrangements with students. They collect payments for their services directly from parents/students.

“The Knowledge Roundtable” has developed a tutor search engine that generates tutoring leads for tutors, such as inquiries from students and parents, without any additional effort on their part beyond completing their profile. Student Testimonials illustrate the success of The Knowledge Roundtable. Take a look at what Kristi H., a Verified Client, from Exeter, NH, had to say: ” Jared has done an excellent job working with my daughter. He has demonstrated many strategies allowing her to feel more confident with the upcoming tests. His flexibility and patience is exemplary. I would highly recommend Jared to anyone looking for a tutor.”

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