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“None of us can help everyone…..but all of us can help someone and together we can make a difference in the lives of others”

Surfside, South Carolina, November 11, 2016, Holiday Gift Giving season is fast approaching and the most thoughtful gift is one that can help others. Sometimes it is help in the form of improving lives, and sometimes it is help in the form of providing sustenance to needy children so that they can get the nutrition they require to live a fruitful life. While on a trip to Costa Rica, God spoke to the founders of “ShareTheLoveToday“, he said: “Help feed my children. It’s why I sent you and its why I placed “ShareTheLoveToday” into your heart!” For the Glory of God, they perfected their idea of making the best Flip Flops anywhere, and used the proceeds to fund meal programs for needy children in Costa Rica.

ShareTheLoveToday” created a very unique yoga mat Flip Flop. Each step taken on the beach leaves an impression of a heart. This symbol of universal love is shared with each step. People often ask why these are so incredibly comfortable. It is the materials and the design. Several rounds of prototyping began using one of the most popular yoga mat flip flops on the market. However, these flip flops are made from the softest yoga mat material in the world. The mid-sole is an extra soft EVA foam sponge, the sole is made from a high quality, long lasting polymer that is designed to provide traction on any surface. Its top straps have been designed, redesigned and redesigned again until they offered a perfect balance of snuggle and embrace.

This is a great opportunity to share God’s unconditional love while wearing the most comfortable Flip Flops around. Every step taken is a step that would make Jesus proud. Folks that have bought a pair of these wonderful Flip Flops rave about them. Take a look at what Janis H. had to say: “This was the second pair I bought because I wanted the pink. I love the blue. These sandals are very comfortable and wear very well. I would love to be able to buy them in all colors. They arrived very quickly. Thank you for what you are doing through your ministry.”

For complete information, please visit: ShareTheLoveToday

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