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“FITSY” rolls out a Holiday Promotion offering an 80% discount. Appoints Amazon.com as exclusive International Distributor.

Houston, Texas, November 27, 2016, When it comes to house slippers, the FITSY brand has become synonymous with comfort, durability and great prices. Their line has just been expanded with the addition of 4 new styles. The new style names are: “Love”, “Cowgirl”, “LuckyMe”, and “Cuty”. Ever since launching their line on Amazon.com, FITSY has dominated this market and has earned high rankings across their entire lineup. Management chose Amazon.com as exclusive global distributor because they have the best customer service record in the industry.

Sometimes all it takes to make a great idea into a phenomenal idea is a little ingenuity. This is exactly what the team at FITSY has done with their line of Home Fashion “House Slippers”. They have solved all the different types of complaints that people have about “slippers” and “flip flops”. They do not fall off or shift all around when people walk in them. Made from the best materials, not cheap imports. So stylish looking that people wear them out of the house. Described as “walking on a cloud” due to the Memory Foam insock. The outsole is quality Thermoplastic Rubber which prevents any slipping and will not damage floors. Microterry Fabric is very comfortable while keeping you warm.

The new style designations for Amazon are:

“LuckyMe” Women’s Spa Thong Slippers
“Cowgirl” Women’s Clog Slippers
“Cuty” Women’s Slippers
“Love” Women’s House Slippers

During a recent interview, the Founder of FITSY, Jelena Ozgur, made these comments: “When I created FITSY slippers, I had only one goal in mind; to combine American consumer sense of comfort with a European looking fashion. Producing slippers for the last 15 years for various markets gave me confidence that I can find this balance and create something different, something special. Being a mother myself and spending long hours at home working and playing with my children, I wanted to bring fashion to every day lifestyle. FITSY was born to fulfill that need.”

The Holidays are fast approaching so FITSY has rolled out their Holiday Shoppers Discount of 80% starting on Cyber Monday. Customer Testimonials always tell the story, and customer reviews have been very positive. Take a look at what Jessica Ross, a Verified Purchaser, had to say: “How perfectly genius is this slipper? I’ve been looking for a comfy/practical slipper to wear around the house. I can easily wear these at home (or out running errands). I never bought house slippers before because I hate the feeling of dragging them around to stay on, but these solve that issue! Another bonus is that I can wear these all year since they’re open toe (aka, super breathable). Plus these are perfect to wear when I get my nails done…both at the salon or at home. Perfect holiday gift.”

For complete information, please visit: FITSY Slippers

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