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As technology advances in our everyday life many also expect advancement in the classroom. Unfortunately schools have been slow to adapt technology and utilize it to its fullest potential when teaching students. TuitionKit is filling in the gap with their all new portal that offers online video tutorials for core subjects that students need help with the most.

London, Unired Kingdom, December 6, 2016, TuitionKit has made headlines today with the announcement of a new feature-rich website that has set the new standard for online learning portals. TuitionKit was founded by Leon Hady, a former school Headteacher with a major passion for teaching. Leon has taught in a number of schools over the years and decided to launch TuitionKit to help both teachers and students. What started as a simple set of Youtube video tutorials quickly expanded to a full blown learning portal after receiving thousands of online views and tons of support from parents, teachers and students alike.

TuitionKit is a treasure trove of video-based tuition for learning core school subjects with a focus on English, Math and Science. There is even a Teacher Training section devoted to helping beginner teachers with their lesson plans and overall development of course work.

Tuitionkit created new interactive features on their website to make learning fun and easy for students, including the ability to make customized learning schedules and a state of the art conversation system that allows students and teachers to communicate online effortlessly. Most useful for revision, is the in-video questioning where teachers can set questions or advice in at different point of the video to make learning deeper and more interactive.

During a recent press event, Leon Hady, the founder of TuitionKit, was quoted as saying, “Having been a teacher for many years, I am deeply familiar with the problems that both teachers and students face in our school system. I wanted to create a new platform that would allow students access to top notch learning videos at a fraction of the cost all while being able to learn from the comfort of their own home. That is when TuitionKit was born!”

Since its inception in May 2015, TuitionKit now has over 17,000 subscribers and has at least 1,500 students use TuitionKit every single day for at least one hour. TuitionKit is now used worldwide by students who are either looking to further their education or are looking for specific lessons to get them past an exam or exam revision. Instead of paying large amounts of money for private tutors it is now possible to get the same teaching quality and experiences by using TuitionKit.

One of TuitionKits user’s, Creatro Tera was quoted as saying, “Awesome video. Helped me a lot in understanding. Really gave me a great head start even before my teacher explained. THANK YOU!” Tenya Steele, another TuitionKit subscriber was quoted as saying, “This was a great video!! Of all of my years of statistics and biostats, I’ve never had it explained so plainly and well demonstrated!” Schools are also raving about the difference TuitionKit is making with Dave Blackley, a school Headteacher saying ‘…TuitionKit is perfect for helping our students continue learning from home.’

TuitionKit has already made huge waves in the online learning industry and has the competition wondering what their next move will be on the heels of releasing a state of the art online learning portal at tuitionkit.com. To learn more about TuitionKit and the video tutorials that they offer, visit their official website at http://www.tuitionkit.com

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