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“On a daily basis, consumers are misled, lied to and ripped off. Often times this unfairness goes unpunished – crippling consumers and their rights.”

New York, New York, December 7, 2016, Throngs of consumers are exposed to all sorts of negative and often times nefarious business dealings. They complain to the vendor and hope and pray they get some sort of relief. Usually the consumer has to jump through hoops to get a refund or a store credit. The amount of dollar value in these rip-offs can be minuscule, or gargantuan. Sending an email or filling out an online complaint form is just not too effective. All that is changed thanks to the new consumer information and complaint platform. “ConsiderTheConsumer.com” has the solution to a one sided marketplace. It empowers the consumer.

They report on and review marketed products that aren’t treating the public the way they should. It is the power of the internet that makes all the difference in the world. Online consumer complaints and civil suits made public can damage a brand’s reputation. “ConsiderTheConsumer.com” has become a one-stop-shop for all of everyone’s buying-based needs. Finally, there is a platform to check-out to see the latest pending lawsuits on all sorts of products and services. Once a complaint or fraud lawsuit is revealed on this platform, it is on the internet for all to see, including the search engines. If a consumer does a search on a certain brand name, and a complaint has been put on the internet, it should come up in the search results.

Many of the abusers of consumer rights are afraid of having their brand name’s reputation damaged, as well they should be. “ConsiderTheConsumer.com” is now ready and able to empower consumers to demand what they deserve, or file online complaints. Consumers who have been abused should not be shy, they need to make a stand…take action now. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. The Home Page has interesting categories to review, such as: Advertising & Reviews, FDA Warnings, FTC Actions, News, Recalls, Recent Cases, and Scam Alerts. The team at “ConsiderTheConsumer.com” encourages their readers to comment, complain, and send any remarks they have to help expand their knowledge and tighten their grasp on the world of consumer fraud.

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