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Whilly covers a range of areas such as Startup basics, Advertising, Competitor Analysis, Social Media, Branding & Design, and Web & Mobile Development.

Miami, Florida, December 12, 2016, Whilly Bermudez is a Business Marketing Consultant extra ordinaire. He has achieved the kind of world wide recognition that many in his arena can only hope for. Besides being an accomplished author of children’s books and charitable events, he is considered a master in the Digital Marketing space. The ‘1-Hour Session’ was created as an affordable but invaluable tool to hone in on the strategic marketing & advertising goals of any business.

Whilly’s “1-Hour Session” can provide answers and advice on the questions that must be addressed by all business owners & potential business owners, such as:

• Should I expand my business
• Should I start a new business
• How does Kickstarter work
• Should I take on equity debt or a partner
• How should my logo look
• How should I market my business
• How much of a marketing budget should I have
• Does Social Media work
• How do I promote my business via Social Media
• What is Digital Marketing
• Do I need a Marketing Plan
• How much does a website cost
• Do I need a new website
• Should I ever get mobile apps developed for my business

It makes perfect sense to take advantage of a marketing professional who has been there and done it all. This is how to avoid the growing pains of a new or expanding business, and be spared the financial drain of learning the hard way. Many a failing business has been helped by Whilly’s sound advice. In todays’ fast paced digital world, along with the social media phenomena, the competition will eat you up if you are not prepared to fight for success. His Web Media division will design and launch a website that is Search Engine Optimized, and Social Media and Mobile friendly. This is what it takes to survive and prosper on the world wide web.

Whilly has also rolled out a new unique concept in marketing. It is called “Travel Marketing”, and has been much heralded for its incredible results. Clients can choose from: International Travel, Domestic Travel or a Fully Customized Travel Plan. Imagine having a Brand, Product, or Business exclusively marketed as Whilly includes photos of him wearing your logo, mentions throughout the trip, video endorsement of your product/company. Activities include: airport arrival, departure, hotel stay, transport to sites, events, and tours.

A company spokesperson explains: “Whilly will become your brand ambassador while on travel to domestic or far away lands. He will photograph or take video of his adventures while at major historic and tourist attractions and broadcast it to audiences of over 100,000 people each day of the trip. All marketing is done via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. This also includes quality content creation as well as paid Ads for maximum exposure.”

For complete information, please visit: Whilly Bermudez Marketing

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