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It’s no secret that the economy has seen better days and jobs are scarce. As the technology sector grows by leaps and bounds, more and more programming jobs are becoming available. 4Geeks Academy and Miami Dade College have partnered to bring an affordable programming course to anyone interested in learning how to code.

Miami, Florida, December 13, 2016, Today Miami Dade College and 4Geeks Academy have announced that there will be an all new Full-Stack Web Development Program that will be offered at the Interamerican Campus and will be accessible to anyone who would like to learn to code. 4Geeks Academy has been working to offer a Top Quality Program with a team of experienced instructors that have a combined knowledge and practice of more than 16 years of teaching and developing cutting edge software.

Miami Dade College has recently partnered with 4Geeks Academy, a team of coding experts and success entrepreneurs, with Locations in USA and Latin America, and more than 150 graduates. They are bringing a 14 week full scale programming course to students who wish to learn from the best and the brightest in the programming industry. Unlike other programming courses that are most often expensive and cumbersome, 4Geeks Academy kept the student in mind and was able to create a course that is not only part-time but is also extremely affordable for everyone.

During a recent interview, the spokesperson for 4Geeks was quoted as saying, “4Geeks Academy is the result of 6 years of experience developing software and teaching software. We believe that the future of education is part-time, as it is the best option to be constantly improving, now that the skills needed to thrive in the professional fields evolve faster and faster each day.” He went on to say, “Moreover, it was important to make the course inexpensive enough for current students and flexible enough for them to juggle it with their current schedule and/or job. Flexibility and Price were both major factors when we designed this syllabus.”

4Geeks Academy and Miami Dade College are hosting an open event for anyone who is interested in enrolling or learning more about the Full-Stack Web Development course on December 14th 2016 at the Interamerican Campus. Developers are also welcome to attend the event as 4Geeks Academy is also launching new Coding Courses for those who want to Master their Skills. The course will officially commence as of January 17th 2016.

To learn more about the Full-Stack Web Development course offered by 4Geeks Academy and Miami Dade College, visit 4Geeks official website by clicking here or by visiting http://www.4geeksacademy.com

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