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Evidence points to hacking of the USA election approved by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Computer networks of all sizes on alert for data intrusion attempts. The COD3FI wireless smart router has created a new paradigm in home network protection.

Sunnyvale, California, January 28, 2017, The recent USA general election has brought an intense focus on internet hacking and data security. Granted that not too many computer networks are at risk of being attacked by Vladimir Putin, but there are plenty of other threats just around the corner. After all, it could be a neighbor or even somebody parked in a car that can compromise your home security system or baby monitors. This situation is what prompted the research and development team at Codesutra to create a wireless smart home router mesh that is very affordable yet loaded with advanced second generation features. COD3FI represents the very latest technological advances and makes them within reach of everybody.

In order to fast-track the CODE3FI roll-out to the general public, Codesutra has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This added funding will enable the advancing of this ingenious wireless smart router to jump to the next level. Funds will be used for production of improved prototypes along with, molds and tooling, new versions of mobile app and marketing materials. Imagine being part of the development of a product that provides complete protection for all your home gadgets. Sponsors have a choice of great perks.

There are other smart routers on the market, but the company reports that their CODE3FI incorporates enterprise grade security and many more features not seen elsewhere. Finally, a user friendly wireless smart router mesh that gives users the ability to protect all home devices connected to the Internet including smartphones, laptops, and IoT devices. Homeowners will now have a dynamic firewall that allows all URLs to pass through only if they are coming from approved domains and ports. COD3FI has the power to detect and inform the user about any malicious attacks on such devices. The power that drives this device is a state of the art, 1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor, which represents an advancement in the smart router industry.

Advance users have raved about the ease of use of COD3FI and how a few easy clicks are all that are required for setup, and how it supports current versions of Android, iOS, Mac OSX and Windows OS. It is easy to minimize compromises from unknown devices by creating separate guest access. Content monitoring and filtering can be undertaken, and also the blocking of devices that may already be compromised. The onboard filter can restrict content based on ratings, such as allowing kids to only see content from G-Rated sites. As if all this is not enough, Cod3fi also features a private cloud service at no extra cost. Users can now stream movies from their own private media center.

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign, please visit: The COD3FI Smart Router

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