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Ekko was created to deliver the highest quality Bluetooth music. Their motto….”Any Speaker – Anywhere”.

San Diego, California, January 31, 2017, Bluetooth speakers and amplifiers have been around for quite some time, but the launch of the Ekko Bluetooth Wireless Amp is considered by industry insiders to be the next generation of such devices. Magis Labs is rolling out their new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter as an introduction of their Ekko Bluetooth Wireless Amp to the world. No doubt that this new technology is viewed as an advancement in the sound quality achievable over Bluetooth speakers, and in fact, any type of speaker. Imagine being able to enjoy the high fidelity of any speaker in any setting.

The possibilities are endless: A day at the beach or hanging out at the pool, the park, or any “tailgate” event. Working on a project in the garage or backyard? Easy to enjoy ones favorite sounds via the highest quality speakers. No longer are people restricted to enjoying their music on certain Bluetooth speakers. Ekko enables all speakers to broadcast true stereo music. No more compromised sound due to the limitations of existing Bluetooth speakers. The Ekko Bluetooth Wireless Amp utilizes high capacity lithium batteries capable of powering Ekko for at least 8 hours of continuous music. Ekko also can act as a “power bank”, giving users the ability to charge two devices via its USB ports.

As if all of the features of Ekko are not enough to set a new standard in the world of Bluetooth speaker capabilities, Magis Labs has set the price point so that it is economically available to the masses. The Kickstarter campaign will enable them to bring the Ekko Bluetooth Wireless Amp to the next level. Funds will be used for advance prototyping, up-engineering, tooling and dies, molds, and marketing. Backers have a choice of great perks. What a great opportunity to be part of bringing a new product to the world that will enhance how music can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

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