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“Your first act of kindness could be sharing this message with others through social media or a good old-fashion conversation. If you can convince one other person to join our initiative, you’ve already made the world a better place.”

Anderson, South Carolina, February 7, 2017, The folks at More4Kids.info know how much kindness can change people. Their kindness initiative is taking the form of the 2017 Kindness Challenge. Open to all ages, everyone can strive to do random and planned acts of kindness. Since children enjoy finding ways to bring happiness to another person’s day, they’ll likely be the most creative of all in finding ways to do it. The site will feature young people who have distinguished themselves with outstanding acts of kindness. Two teens are already being featured on the site, Katrina Rudolph and Faith Cravens from Illinois.

During a recent interview, a spokesperson made these comments: “What we’re asking is small, but it has the potential to cause a big ripple. Do something nice for someone when you can throughout the course of the year. Better yet, focus on a small act every day so you can reach 365 acts of kindness this year. People will notice the changes you’re making, and they’ll notice the change in you. A funny thing happens when we start to think of others and we look for ways to be kind, we become kinder to ourselves in the process. We become happier because we’ve lightened someone else’s load.”

More4kids.info is all about kids and parenting. It has become the leading site offering such helpful items as Parenting Videos in several categories: Parenting, Pregnancy, Baby, Children’s Health, Humor, Motivational and Music. A plethora of articles dealing with Parenting, Pregnancy and Babies are also awaiting site visitors. The site features a comprehensive guide to Kids and Teens Magazines. As part of their kindness project, they are going to give back to charity half of any revenue made from the sale of Kids Magazines through their website.

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