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The gritty Aussie Outback is the scene for this exciting Murder Mystery Game Adventure. Who will solve this horrendous crime? Who is the victim? An unforgettable experience awaits your guests, all from the comfort of home.

Perth, Australia, February 13, 2017, Anyone planning a great get together with friends, family or colleagues, would love it to be a memorable experience. Perhaps even the talk of the town. One of the most fabulous ways to create a once in a lifetime party experience is to host a Killer Murder Mystery Game. This is an awesome experience for all involved, and even for those who choose to just observe. It becomes a thrilling goal to be the one who discovers the murderer. Critical clues are scattered throughout the game venue just waiting to be discovered. The fun is only increased by everyone dressing up to play a part in this murderous event.

The setting is the Australian Outback, just like a scene from Wolf Creek. From 2-120 people can get involved in this action packed themed murder mystery game. The Western Australian and Northern Territory Outback as well as Wolfe Creek Crater add plenty of intrigue to this story. Party guests come dressed as a roustabout, truck driver, bar fly, barmaid, police officer, back packer, serial killer or any other Australian stereotype. The mystery develops as some happy travelers are having a rough time navigating the Australian Outback.

These backpackers awake to find themselves kidnaped and in some dark, dingy cave. A well-known kidnapper and killer named Sydney Harbour is the most likely guilty criminal, but he gets murdered by one of his own victims. Which guest will discover “Who done it?”

MurderMystery.com.au has been providing interactive murder mystery games for Adults and Teenagers for many years. They have become the global dominant force in this arena. Game boxes or online downloads include clues, and everything needed to hold a game. Guests enjoy dressing up to fit the theme of each murder mystery. The company reports that they are so confident in their party games that they offer a “No Questions Money Back Guarantee”. Each of their games have been played thousands of times, this assures that each game has been tried and tested over and over.

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