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The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

Mountain View, California, March 1, 2017, Kidneys have taken center stage as March is National Kidney Month. This vital organ is often taken for granted, but needs tender loving care. Consider this: “Kidneys filter over 50 gallons of blood a day, help regulate blood pressure and direct red blood cell production. They are also prone to disease; 1 in 3 Americans are at risk for kidney disease due to diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney failure. There are more than 26 million Americans who already have kidney disease, and most don’t know it because there are often no symptoms until the disease has progressed.”

MagicKitchen.com is proud to be one of few companies to offer a full selection of specially prepared meals for those folks dealing with renal impairment. While these patients know of the importance of eating the right foods, it is oftentimes a difficult task to stay on track with proper meal preparation. Having a Registered Nutritionist and Dietician on staff helps MagicKitchen.com meet the needs of people with CKD Stages 3 &4 and who are on dialysis. Healthy eating goes a long way to improving the quality of life for such patients. With all of the trials and tribulations of living with a kidney disorder, it certainly can be quite comforting to know that a healthy pre-prepared meal is waiting to be heated and enjoyed. To be clear, these meals are delicious as well as well-balanced to meet the patients needs. The renal meals are a subset of MagicKitchen.com’s diabetic friendly meals and contain a limited amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein. The dialysis-friendly meals contain a limited amount of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Thanks to MagicKitchen.com’s special renal diet meal program, there is no need to face the challenges of preparing special meals every day by yourself. Their site also contains a wealth of information for renal impaired patients. Feel free to visit Kidney/Renal Articles and gain some valuable insight into these conditions, as well as many others. MagicKitchen.com has made a name for themselves by satisfying the nutritional needs of hungry Americans for over a decade.

All meals are chef-prepared, using only the best ingredients and without chemical preservatives. Thousands of Americans sit down to a great tasting meal every day without the need of shopping, prepping or, cooking the meal nor washing dishes. After a hard day at work, or taking care of the kids, it’s nice to be treated to a fresh and delicious meal that only needs to be heated and served. Their menu has grown to include: Senior Special Diet, Portion Controlled, Low Sodium, Diabetic-Friendly, Low-Carbohydrate, Low Fat, Renal Diet (CKD 3&4), Dialysis-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Snacks, and Magic Kitchen Signature Meals. MagicKitchen.com’s meals are handmade in small batches and are flash-frozen to insure freshness.

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